HI, i'M Katharina...

About 25 years ago I found my passion about knitting. Since then many hobbies came and went but knitting was always on my side. 
After so many years of knitting I still make mistakes and frog a lot of yarn, but I can learn from it every time and that is what I love most about following a passion. It is not always about having success and fun (of course, it does a lot :-)), it is also about failing, growing and learning. In the end this is what really fills my heart with happiness. 

I love to try out new techniques to expand my knitting skills but I also really enjoy a simple garter stitch project. 

When I am working on a knitting project my body and my soul are getting peaceful. I can sit and relax, challenge my mind and be creative equally. Since the beginning of 2019 I am working on my dream to write and publish my own patterns. Nice to have you here! Katharina <3

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